solar panel Installation Sydney NSW Australia

Because solar panel installation help cut down electricity bill considerably. You almost save $84 on a monthly basis. Plus, it reduces carbon footprint by almost 35,180 pounds. So you can plant 88 trees less if you are opting for solar panel installation at home and at office. Plus, the government is introducing various tax benefits for those using solar powers bring down the cost of solar panels considerably. Plus, if you are opting to buy solar panels, the value of your house will go up significantly because the new buyers do not have to worry about installation cost and all.

Solar panel installation – Consider Important Factors

These are important Factors, whether you prefer DIY (Do It Yourself) installation of solar panels or should you invite Professional installer to get all the installation done. Our suggestion to you is to invite expert solar panel installer given that there are a lot of things that needs to be considered before you go ahead and install solar panels at your home or office.

1] You need to get additional wires installed

2] The placement of your solar panels

3] How much of electricity you are consuming right now and accordingly deciding on the solar power requirement

4] The size of the system, it depends on insolation

5] Are tall trees, chimney or buildings come in the way of your panel? It may affect panel’s sun exposure.

6] You can need to acquire a permit for installation, most of the time the installer will do that for you

All said and done, hire a pro for solar panel installation.