Solar Panel Installation from Qualified Electricians

There is nothing worse than waiting, so we ensure you with many businesses you’ll be able to wait up to nine months for your solar panel installation to be set up. With ADS Solar you do not need to!

In most instances we could have your system installed within six to eight weeks of validating your order. And that means you start saving sooner. Our installers are qualified electricians and are not only Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited to install solar power systems that meet our own stringent demands of quality service.

Professional Solar Panel Installation Helps to Minimise Electricity Cost

At ADS Solar, our installation managers and all of our installers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), the national body that manages Australia’s clean energy sector. They’re also highly competent, registered electricians and electrical contractors who ensure you get extraordinary professional service.

solar energy facts Sydney NSW Australia

Mounting brackets, inverters and solar panels, workmanship and materials meet all CEC and Australian standards. As we know fossil fuel electricity becoming much more expensive in each year. But it’s actually critical in contributing to the decrease of monthly electric bills. We ensure you for proper solar panel installation within Sydney, Australia in order to help minimize cost, if your house has an attic.

Solar panels aren’t properly insulated can be just as hot as a furnace during the summer months. What this means is that your cooling units have to work doubly hard to be able to maintain cool temperature within your house and offices. But should you invest in solar attic fans, you’d not have any problems during the warm summer months. Your heater air ducts, exposed PVC, and copper hot water lines must also be insulated, particularly the ones which can be found in-the basement.

For people who own older kinds of water heater, it is important to use a water heater jacket as insulation. This is significant so that heat would not escape into the open.