Solar Checklist

Items to think about when installing solar panels

Here’s an useful checklist, compiled from questions featured in Choice Magazine, to use when contemplating your solar alternatives.

Is the business a person in the Clean Energy Council?

Yes. Ads Solar is CEC accredited, which means that you are in safe and quite professional control.


Is the business using CEC accredited installers?

Yes. Our engineers have varied backgrounds in the business and several years’ experience working with residential and big commercial solar installations.


Does the business have an existing track record and a great reputation?

Yes. This is significant when you desire good-quality items and exceptional service.


Do the firm’s solar panels, inverter and mounting brackets match international and Australian standards?

Yes. The CEC offers a variety of criteria that all mounting brackets, inverters and great solar panels must meet in Australia. You can be sure that Ads Solar panels, inverters and mounting panels match the CEC’s exacting standards. You can find out more about these requirements at the CEC website.


Does the firm provide a complete onsite replacement guarantee for a complete ten years along with the maker’s 25 year panel guarantee?

Yes. The Ads Solar warranty also applies to solar inverters within our Premium range of systems (3kW ) and customers bigger and buying systems smaller than 3kW possess the choice of a conventional inverter warranty or perhaps a inverter warranty for an extra cost. This warranty sets us apart from other solar suppliers because we understand that the finest quality setup and service is equally as important as top quality components. You do not need to be worried about organising an electrician or contacting the maker, whether a portion of the solar system fails. Ads Solar will take care of the lot, from start to finish!


What does the firm’s system create in kilowatt hours of electricity each year?

The company selling you your panels must have the ability to answer this question.
At Ads Solar, we pick our solar power systems for their power output and quality over their life. Based on our investigation we can supply you with a trusted estimate of how much energy your system will create throughout its life. We can work all of this out for-you as well as design your program so that it creates the most power potential.


Do you know the setup timeframes?

With many businesses you’ll be able to wait up to nine months ahead of your solar system is installed. At Ads Solar, you’ll be enjoying your free energy from-the sun earlier because in many examples we install within 6 to 8 weeks of taking your order.


Does the cost comprise link to the grid by your energy provider?

Yes. Our installers will join you for the electricity grid during your facility and any cost for the physical connection are contained within the cost of the Ads Solar system. In certain areas of Australia, e.g. ACT, we’re not permitted to connect you for the grid until the network supplier completes an inspection. Within this instance we arrange for your review and, after acceptance and meter installation, make the link.


Is the company likely to be around in 30 years’ time?

Yes. Since solar electricity systems last so long, it is necessary to understand the business that provided your program will be around in 25 years to honor your warranties.