Commercial Solar Power Systems Specialist

With electricity prices skyrocketing, companies are increasingly looking for alternative means. And commercial solar systems seem to be a great way to reduce energy bills drastically. More importantly, using commercial solar systems cut carbon emissions as well.

In the wake of rising requirements for renewable energy, ADS Solar offers high quality Commercial Solar power systems  in Sydney. Our affordable solar panels making us one of the leading players in the sustainable energy industry. We ensure installation on time. Little wonder, our reputation of being customer-friendly company is helping us gain word-of-mouth publicity and referrals. In fact, most of our customers have through recommendations.

Benefits of Commercial Solar power systems

  1. Cuts down your electricity bills
  2. Cuts your carbon emissions
  3. You can sell excess power to earn an additional income
  4. Cuts down your cooling costs in the summer on cold stores


Commercial Solar System – Leasing Program

A Program that makes Commercial Solar Pricing Affordable

If your business is sure to get on to the Commercial Solar power bandwagon, but does not have the resources do so, worry not. Commercial Solar Sydney Leasing Program might be the right alternative for you. With this, you don’t pay any upfront cost on installation and still enjoy the benefits of Solar Power just like any other company.

Benefits of our leasing plan:

  1. Capital is conserved and so are lines of credit
  2. Tax advantages even though the system is leased
  3. Improves your cash flow
  4. Improves your Net Operating Income

To fit a solar power system we will at least require a minimum 10m2 of clear roof space to ensure proper returns on your investment.