ADS Solar was established in 2009 by two co-partners Swapnil Shah & Sam Pasricha. At ADS Solar we aim to provide improvement in energy solutions by maximising quality and reducing the power costs. We started this company with a vision and determination to be one of the best solar companies in Australia and we are proud to announce that we received BEST SALES ACHIEVEMENT RECORD IN 2013.

Our Vision

Is to provide a tailor made solution for every roof in Australia because we know that every roof is different and needs to be treated differently. Our teams have unrivalled energy expertise. Each of our consultants is a specialist with in-depth sector knowledge. With our extensive knowledge we aim to provide a best solution for all kinds of customers- Residential or Commercial. Our designer and Engineer will look at every roof and make sure you get the best out of your investment.

Our Values

Green Environment is not only a need but a must now for our planet. With rising Industries and manufacturers and of course Global warming, now is the time for us to save our planet and start using green electricity. ADS Solar believes that if every house in Australia has solar we will have a cleaner air to breathe and we will be passing on the greatest asset to our coming generations “Our Green Planet”.

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